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I find this loop really good, but I can't get over her hair. It simply shifts entirely. It starts off with her only having hair on her right, but when her head moves around it shifts to where she only has hair on her left. This could be possible if all the hair was coming from the middle, but a sway like that would need a much more dramatic motion. This simple problem distracts from the quite impressive body motion.

I hate how good this is.

I really like how well it sells his incompetence, and that his mass amount of wealth is from no effort of his own. He clearly is a very boring person with nothing that truly makes him unique. Contrary to popular belief: not all rich people are douche-bags. A lot are, but some are boring and unremarkable. He has nothing you can distinguish as bad, but nothing good about him. This makes you wonder why he's so popular. The reason he popular is because he's so boring. Because he's boring people can easily project themselves on to him. He leaves empty space for the viewer to imagine what they'd put there. in targeting to no one, he appeals to everyone.

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Why, this game is simply splendid. Haha funny fart reverb

This game is truly ART. It tackles the difficulties of game design. Despite SOCIETY pushing game designers to make a game that appeals to others, Hesper4000 had a vision. He didn't for a seconds consider what others think is a good game. This game offers a clear look into the mind of a genius.

Very humorous. Only the people with high class can understand the intellectual and insightful themes that are laid across the game. I must say that by far the most outstanding joke comes at the very end of the game. Once you have finally sat on your throne there is haha funny fart. I like this joke cuz fart is funny.

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Ahhhh, Quality.

yooo, imagine if ocarina of time was made on SNES. that'd be SICK

rouge2t7 responds:

It would be quite an interesting experience! I wonder how it'd work out.

Traditional pixel art does NOT go with pixel renderings of 3d.
But, it is impressive what you managed to pull off

Just a guy trying to find his style

Funny man

Clown Coleg

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